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Destination Medical Center (DMC) Plan 5 Year Update

PlanScape Impact(s): Arts & Culture ; Economic Development ; Pandemic ; Transportation ; Vision/Identity
Public Pinned Report on Destination Medical Center (DMC) led by DMC EDA
Last modified: November 19, 2020




November Newsletter, 5 Year Plan Update draft, webinars on land investments, DMC status and Covid impacts. Reminder to comment on 5 year plan update 



DMC Newsletter 2020-11-21



Message from Lisa Clarke, Executive Director of DMC EDA 2020-10-09




 Thank you for participating in Destination Medical Center’s webinar: Dollars and $ense of Development Patterns.  This was the first in a series of webinars focusing on the DMC 5 Year Update to the DMC Development Plan. You can find a replay of yesterday’s webinar here.  Our team is working on responses to the questions that we could not get to during the webinar and will share those in the near future.

 There are additional webinars to join this week and in the coming weeks that each have a different focus. I’d like to invite you to join us for more discussion and input.

 My Community: Destination Medical Center at 5 Years

Friday, October 9, 2020

8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Interested in how Destination Medical Center (DMC) measured up to the goals that were set for the first five years of the Development Plan? Curious about what projects are planned for the next five years and what considerations are guiding decisions on future investments? Patrick Seeb, Destination Medical Center Economic Development Agency director of economic development and placemaking, will talk about the journey, what’s ahead and how the community benefits, with time for Q&A.


View it here:


DMC Webinar: Downtown Rochester COVID-19 Economic Impact Analysis

Friday, October 16, 2020

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

As part of the 5-year update to the Destination Medical Center (DMC) Development Plan, DMC commissioned HR&A Advisors to perform a scenario analysis of the potential impacts of COVID-19 on the local economy and the DMC Initiative. The results of that study will be presented at this webinar, where HR&A will discuss how COVID-19 may affect Rochester’s jobs, economic activity, and the DMC’s planning and investment strategy.

HR&A is a New York-based economic development and real estate consulting firm with significant experience developing complex economic impact models for local governments and municipalities. Since the start of the pandemic, HR&A has been working with local leaders across the country to quantify the impact of COVID-19 to support local planning and development efforts. HR&A also brings experience working in Rochester and Southeast Minnesota and understands recent regional economic and demographic trends and planning efforts.





Thank you


Lisa Clarke
Executive Director
DMC Economic Development Agency




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DMC Webinars


VIDEO: My Community: Destination Medical Center at 5 Years


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VIDEO: DMC and Rochester: Dollars and $ense of Development Patterns


How can Rochester imagine new ways to think about and visualize land use, urban design and economics? Urban3, an urban planning consulting firm, analyzed the public return on investment in the DMC District during Phase 1 (2015-2019) as part of the Five-Year update to the Destination Medical Center (DMC) Development Plan.



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Video: DMC Webinar: "The Post-Pandemic City 



Live locally and connect globally: 20:12

COVID-19 Impacts 22:35

Transit on demand: 47:31


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DMC 2020 Plan Updates



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November and September 20211 DMCC Board Meetings information.

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November 21, 2020 : November 2020 DMCC Board Meeting

(1) November 2020 Board Meeting (2) 5 Year DMC Plan Updates and Covid Effects

November 12, 2019 : Destination Medical Center (DMC) 2020 and 2019 Workplans

November 12 DMCC Board Meeting and October 2019 DMCC Board Updates (Special DMCC Board Meeting), Funding Request Memo, 5 Year Capital Plan, 2020 DMC CIP Infrastructure Projects, DMCC 2020 Workplan and Budget Presentation to DMCC Board September 2019, Funding Section Presentation, Funding/Work plan Doc 

September 26, 2019 : Destination Medical Center (DMC) September 2019

September 2019 DMCC Meeting memo about metrics dashboard. 

February 02, 2017 : Rochester DMC District Design Guidelines

The DMC Design Guidelines incorporated decades' worth of planning documents created by the city of Rochester and aligned those priorities and standards with the DMC Development Plan.

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Pinned DMC EDA organization and project reports


Project Report of Rochester MSA Applying for Tech Hubs Grant : December 04, 2023 : DMC's BioRoch effort to Collaborate with MN MedTech 3.0

Video Clip of Discussion at DMCC Board Meeting about

MN MedTech 3.0 Description and Webinar

Reference: US DEA Tech Hub Awardees 

Project Report of Two Discovery Square : November 30, 2023 : Discovery Square Shared Lab Infastructure

A shared lab space for a community of like-minded entrepreneurs associated with one or more academic research partners

Project Report of Rochester MSA Applying for Tech Hubs Grant : October 23, 2023 : CMRC Support of Formation of a BioRochester Consortium

1. October 23, 2023 EDA Tech Hubs Awardees Announcement

2. Video Clip from CMRC August Mtg; CMRC Letters of Support; References: BioRochester Review meeting video; Summary of Draft 3 BioRochester Plan, and Final Grant Submission

Project Report of Rochester MSA Applying for Tech Hubs Grant : August 10, 2023 : Rochester MSA Applying for Tech Hubs Grant Review Meeting

Video Recording of Draft Review Session (Login Required)

Project Report of America's City for Health : February 25, 2023 : Use of "America City for Health" as moniker to attract DMC investment

Feb 2023 Business Development status; Nov. 2021 Presentation to DMCC Board in November 2021 Board Meeting. Focus on attracting more companies coming in.  America City for Health as lead generation asset. 

Project Report of Adminstration of Rochester's 3.12M award from Minnesota Main Street Economic Revitalization Program : December 21, 2022 : Administration of Rochester's 3.12M award from Minnesota Main Street Economic Revitalization Program

(1) Second Phase Grant; (2) DMC Announces First Recipients of Main Street Grant Funding 30 Businesses ($1.6M) ; (3) Launching of Main Street Grant 

Project Report of DMC Discovery Square : November 11, 2022 : DMC Discovery Square Design Process

Discovery Square Status to DMCC November Board Meeting: 6 Elements of Success

Project Report of Discovery Walk Co-designing : May 09, 2022 : Community Co-Design Toolkit

As a member of the Community for Health Steering Committee and piloting the use of co-designing in the Discovery Walk project, OpenBeam participated in developing the Community Co-Design Toolkit as a guide for other community projects to consider and adopt a co-design process to maximize inclusive engagement. 

Project Report of America's City for Health : January 22, 2022 : ACH 2022 Info Log

January 2022 Meeting Review Workgroup purpose (mission, vision, and values) and OpenBeam comments. 

Project Report of Discovery Walk Co-designing : May 27, 2021 : Discovery Walk

March 2021 DMCC approval for Bid

Project Report of Discovery Walk Co-designing : December 10, 2020 : Co-designing of Discovery Walk Concept

Summary of Co-design of Discovery Walk and Codify the co-design process. 

Project Report of Bus Rapid Transit (2nd Street SW Link) : November 20, 2020 : DMC Transportation Plan - Circular

DMCC Board Voted in favor of staff recommendations 2019

Project Report of Two Discovery Square : February 07, 2020 : Discovery 2 Status per Feb 2020 DMCC

DMCC approved plan to go forward.

Project Report of Discovery Walk Co-designing : January 24, 2020 : America’s Community for Health Meeting News

 Meeting material from Jan. meeting:

Macro and micro expected outcomes of the project. 

First pass at co-designer list -- Convening Co-designers

Project Report of America's City for Health : December 20, 2019 : 2019 Community for Health Workgroup Log

DMC EDA initiated Community For Health group effort notes 2018 and 2019 logging of notes and activities. 

Project Report of DMC Discovery Square : October 01, 2019 : DMC Discovery Square Design Process

September 2019 and May 2019 Presentations to DMCC Board.

Project Report of Bus Rapid Transit (2nd Street SW Link) : September 26, 2019 : Destination Medical Center Corporation Board Green Lights Mobility Hub Locations in Rochester

September, May and Feb 2019 Presentations to DMCC. 

Project Report of America's City for Health : February 22, 2019 : DMC EDA Community Health Workgroup

Summary of December 2018 work and next steps.

Project Report of DMC Dashboard : August 27, 2016 : DMC Dashboard With Data

In August DMCC Board meeting, the following DMC Dashboard material was presented.

Project Report of America's City for Health : January 31, 2016 : Olmsted County Public Health, Pete Giesen, presents to CNG regarding health-based policies

In the 2016 January CNG meeting, Pete Giesen presented to CNG an approach to engage City Comprehensive Plan based on healthy community design principles.

Pete asks CNG friends and community members to consider the following healthy community principles as we evaluate the 3 P2S scenarios.

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